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Be Part of Our Network of Facilities Trusting Our Services to Secure Swift Medicaid Approvals for Their Residents.

Faster Pending Periods

Very Successful Approval Rate

Thousands Of Dollars In Paid Benefits

Speed Up My Medicaid Application Approvals


Reduce Lengthy Pending Periods and Maximize Staff Availability


CT Medicaid Specialists Eases Your Medicaid Approval Load by Securing Faster Approvals and Enhancing Cash Flow.

All achieved without the need for paperwork chasing or application management.


Help confirm eligibility

Identify, locate and obtain ALL documentation

Present a 100% complete Medicaid Application

Manage communications with financial institutions + social services

Our expertise, knowledge and efficiency ensures all deadlines are met. You can rest easy, knowing that payment is soon and sure.” to this

Our expertise, combined with efficiency, guarantees meeting all deadlines, allowing you to relax, assured of swift and certain payment.

Assist Me in Securing Swift Approvals and Minimizing Denials

How to use CT Medicaid Specialists for Accelerated Approvals of Your Residents

It’s as simple as giving them our name


Identify Residents in Need of Medicaid Assistance

Discover residents who might require long-term financial support. Give them our contact details for free Medicaid training and a smoother process. This way, they can get the help they need stress-free.


Stay Updated on Their Application

Stay informed about when their approval is expected and how their application is progressing. Plus, we’ll provide you with the contact details of their dedicated case manager. That way, you’ll always have someone to reach out to.


Enjoy Improved Cash Flow and More Medicaid Approvals

Our experts handle everything efficiently, making sure documents are submitted quickly and accurately. This leads to faster and easier Medicaid approvals for your residents. And when they get approved, your payments come in faster too.

Medicaid Pending Cases Can Strain Your Financial Resources. Discover a More Effective Approach.

Every day, I witness the immense financial stress that the Medicaid application process inflicts on long-term care facilities like yours. Despite providing top-notch care and treatment, you’re left unpaid for months. What’s worse, there’s no assurance of reimbursement.

Seeing numerous facilities grapple with poor cash flow and unpaid bills due to sluggish Medicaid pending applications compelled me to establish CT Medicaid Specialists. Our approach is distinct. We handle the entire Medicaid application process, including paperwork collection. Our expertise slashes application pending time by 40%, achieving a staggering 99.999% approval rate. In the process, we spare your patients and their families from additional stress during an already trying period, offering priceless peace of mind.

Our service stands as a win-win solution for both you and your patients.

Navigating Medicaid can be overwhelming. Assist your patients in obtaining the support they need to streamline the Medicaid application process, reaping significant financial benefits.

We eagerly anticipate collaborating with you to achieve superior and faster Medicaid outcomes.

Kristine Talarski

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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