Resources For Caregivers

The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home can be an incredibly difficult and emotional decision. Even though your goal is to protect your loved one’s health and safety, it is normal to feel guilty or anxious about removing them from the familiar home environment they are used to. Although educating yourself about nursing homes may not eliminate the stress involved with this decision, it can help both you and your loved one become more comfortable with the process and more confident in identifying a nursing home that will provide your loved one with the highest level of care in an environment that best fits their personal preferences as well as their health care needs.

Nursing Home Evaluation Form

This guide includes a Nursing Home Evaluation Form that you can take with you as you visit potential nursing homes. You can make copies of this form so that you can bring a copy with you to every facility you visit. Read over the form ahead of time so you are familiar with the things to look for when you visit.

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