Are you are prepared for long-term care in CT? With planning and guidance, there are ways to prepare for the enormous costs of nursing home care. By the time a health crisis or accident occurs, it may be too late to protect your assets.

What you don't know may keep you or your loved one from getting long term services and supports.  At CT Medicaid Specialists, we meet many people who are not prepared for the financial burden associated with custodial and skilled nursing care. Nursing home care may not be covered under your health insurance plan or Medicare. When you are young and healthy, you can purchase Long-Term Care Insurance just in case you or your spouse can no longer live at home.

Medicaid is a joint Federal and State program providing a safety net for seniors who need assistance with long-term care.  While Medicaid provides long-term services to those with chronic disabling conditions, it is only available for individuals who meet income and other eligibility requirements. The very poor may have no problem qualifying for financial assistance. The wealthy are generally able to purchase expensive Long Term Care insurance. The middle class population may mistakenly believe that Medicare or health insurance will pay for custodial care.

Being unfamiliar with the Medicaid safety net, the average person learns quickly that nursing care is very costly. Don't risk losing everything you have worked for all your life! The knowledgeable staff at CT Medicaid Specialists is intimately familiar with the Medicaid application process. While applying for Medicaid can be a time consuming process, our experience and knowledge makes the task easy and efficient.  Call 860-490-6772 today.

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Are You Prepared for Long-Term Care in Connecticut | CT Medicaid Specialists