LTSS- Long Term Services and Supports

Do you need CT Medicaid for LTSS?  Long-Term Care is know referred to as LTSS, Long Term Services and Supports. When you are faced with the long term care of a loved one in Connecticut, you may be shocked at the expense. The costs for Home Health Care, Adult Day Care, an Assisted Living Facility, and Nursing Home Care can wipe out your family's resources in less than one year. A viable option would be to apply for Medicaid, but the process is tedious and confusing. We are CT Medicaid Specialists, and we are here to help.

Millions of American children, adults, and seniors suffer from debilitating conditions and chronic illnesses. Long-term services are an important component in the rehabilitation process. This includes daily care for eating, bathing, dressing, and personal care, not covered under private insurance. Medicaid allows for the coverage of these services through several vehicles and over a continuum of settings.

Medicaid Application Assistance

CT Medicaid Specialists, LLC works with you in the complex application process for Medicaid benefits. Our staff walks the families through the entire planning and application process for the best possible outcome. From the initial consultation through the final approval, CT Medicaid Services is there every step of the way. We assist in completing Connecticut Medicaid forms, gathering documentation, assisting in the spend down procedures, and following up with your caseworker at the Department of Social Services. Call us today (860)-490-6772.

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