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For help filling out Medicaid applications in Hartford CT, contact CT Medicaid Specialists. The process can be quite daunting and even exhausting.  Medicaid is a program that is supposed to relieve the burden of nursing care, but first you must qualify. There will be a mountain of paperwork on your table for months. We suggest you contact the professionals at CT Medicaid Specialists.

CT Medicaid Specialists helps you and your spouse complete CT Medicaid applications. When you have questions about Medicaid Benefits in Connecticut, our helpful staff is eager to talk to you.  Our specialists are well versed on current Medicaid requirements and restrictions. We work with the applicant, family members, attorneys, and your caseworker at the Department of Social Services.

The application and documentation is truly daunting without application assistance. Our staff understands this process and can get your paperwork and documents in order.

Medicaid (Title 19) is the joint Federal and State program that provides health coverage to nearly 60 million Americans. In concept Medicaid serves as a safety net for seniors with limited financial assets in need of long term care. When you consider that a stay at a skilled nursing facility can cost upward of $11,000 per month, can you afford to go through this process alone?

Since Medicaid is a joint Federal and State program, there are rules and regulations governing Medicaid eligibility. CT Medicaid Specialists are here to help you prepare the documents needed whether you qualify for benefits under Title 19. Call us today (860)-490-6772.

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