If you’re applying for Medicaid assistance in Glastonbury, CT, you need the guidance of the staff at CT Medicaid Specialists. Our experienced staff can guide you through each stage of the application process so you can avail the benefits of free healthcare and medical aid.

Medicaid is a joint program supported by both Federal and State that aims to provide long-term assistance for medical expenses to deserved candidates. For instance, staying at a skilled nursing facility for the elderly can cost up to $11,000 per month – which is an unachievable goal for those who fall under low-income families. Additionally, Medicaid supports medical expenses for pregnant women both before and after childbirth, terminally ill people of all ages, and people with disabilities to help cover their healthcare requirements.

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Applying for the Medicaid program can be time-consuming and tedious. At CT Medicaid Specialists, our main goal is to assist families and make the application process to this program an achievable dream for you. Our dedicated staff will assist you with figuring out eligibility criteria and the amount of money you have to spend down to meet the requirements of this program. We will help you organize all proper documentation and fill out the paperwork required to apply for the Medicaid program. Once your application is complete, we’ll make sure to follow up and track your progress through the Department of Social Services. As a bonus, we also offer legal counsel and an attorney’s service in case you need legal assistance for your Medicaid application procedure.

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If you have any queries about the Medicaid program or our services, you can always call us at 860-490-6772 . Our experienced staff is always looking forward to sharing their advice so you can achieve the healthcare services you deserve.

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