If you need Title 19 Help CT, rely on the experts at CT Medicaid Specialists. As we age, many of us fear that we will be relegated to a long-term nursing care facility. In Connecticut, the costs of nursing home care can be too expensive for many families to compensate for. We are CT Medicaid Specialists, Connecticut’s leader in Title 19 help. Title 19, also known as medicaid, is a government program for people 65 years and older, as well as for those with disabilities. Did you know, medicaid can pay some or all of the in-home nursing home care if your medicare and other health insurance does not cover it?

Why should you start planning for your Connecticut medicaid eligibility? CT Medicaid Specialists planning services are done in order to protect your assets from the high cost of long-term and nursing care expenses. The application process includes dozens of pages, specific eligibility requirements, and many other confusing guidelines. Start early and contact CT Medicaid Specialists to help protect your assets. We will help you create a comprehensive plan before you are divested of your assets.

Consulting with an elder law attorney may be a necessary step in protecting your assets. Medicaid planning is a complex, time consuming, and confusing task; not made easier by the fact that the rules continue to change. If you believe that you are ready to begin applying for medicaid, contact CT Medicaid Specialists for a consultation. Our dedicated staff works directly with health care facilities, attorneys, applicants, and their families to ensure that the process is completed correctly. If you have questions or concerns about the Connecticut medicaid application process, or medicaid in general, call our experts today at (860) 490-6772.


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