Many of our clients have questions about Connecticut Medicaid, Medicare Benefits, and coverage they can receive for nursing care and long term services and supports.  Medicare is a government program for people over the age of 65 or disabled. Benefit coverage is limited under Medicare. Medicaid is the state and federal program for people that have limited assets and seek financial assistance to pay for long-term care and a skilled nursing facility.

Seniors who receive health benefits through Medicare may have misconceptions about certain aspects of coverage. Medicare Supplement Insurance is a private health insurance plan designed to cover the “gaps” left by basic Medicare Parts A & B. When you turn age 65 (or become eligible for disability benefits under age 65) you will obtain Medicare. Basic Medicare:  Part A is your basic hospital coverage; Part B is your basic medical coverage. Both of these parts to Medicare only pay a portion of your healthcare expenses, so you must purchase Medigap or Supplemental Insurance to cover what Medicare does not.

Is there an age limit to apply for Medicaid?

For people in nursing homes the age limit is 18 and over.

How long does it take to get approved for Medicaid?

Unfortunately there is no easy answer. The Department of Social Services case worker has up to 45 days to review the application and then can request additional information. It is important for The applicant to comply and getting the information to the DSS office or the caseworker who is working with you in a timely fashion or the case could be denied.

If I'm applying for Medicaid can I be discharged against my will while I'm waiting for approval?

As long as you are pending approval for Medicaid you cannot be discharged against your will for lack of payment.

If I am unhappy with my current nursing facility can I transfer to another facility that accepts Medicaid?

Yes, you may transfer to any nursing facility that accepts Medicaid in the state of Connecticut. If you choose to relocate out-of-state you would need to apply for Medicaid in the state that you are moving to. You are not allowed to have Medicaid benefits in two different states at the same time.

Do Medicaid benefits expire?

As long as you're living and meet the financial criteria, the benefit does not expire. The State of Connecticut does an annual review called a re-determination to determine continued eligibility.

The Medicaid Application process is complicated and time-consuming. CT Medicaid Specialists assists health care facilities, attorneys, applicants and families with the complicated process of applying for Medicaid. We bring efficiency, experience, and knowledge to the Medicaid application process. Our dedicated staff works to save families, facilities, and clients time and makes the application process as efficient as possible. From start to finish, CTMS will meet with clients and families, gather documentation, submit paperwork and communicate with the Department of Social Services. Our caseworkers are available to work with families at their convenience, including and evenings and weekends, to guide them in gathering the information that is needed. When you have concerns or questions about Connecticut Medicaid or the application process, call (860) 490-6772 today.

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