Connecticut Medicaid Eligibility

When you are looking for more information about Medicaid Benefits Avon CT, call CT Medicaid Specialists.  Our specialists are well-versed on current Medicaid requirements and restrictions. We work with the applicant, family members, attorneys, and your caseworker at the Department of Social Services.

Medicaid (Title 19) is the joint Federal and State program

Medicaid Application Assistance

Without insurance coverage, affording nursing care CT is nearly impossible. What you don't know about long term care may prevent you from getting the benefits you need and deserve.  We are CT Medicaid Specialists. We help people who are not prepared for the financial burden associated with custodial and skilled nursing care. Medicaid is a joint Federal and State program, a safety net for seniors needing assistance with lon

 Comprehensive Medicaid Application Assistance

We are CT Medicaid Specialists, and we provide Medicaid application assistance CT. Do you have a loved one who is in need of long-term care? You may be called upon to begin the Medicaid application process on his or her behalf.  The eligibility requirements for Medicaid in the state of Connecticut are stringent.  How you handle assets and income are critical.  CT Medicaid Specialists are int

Medicaid Application Assistance

When you need CT Medicaid for long-term care, the application process is overwhelming.  You can anticipate mountains of paperwork to fill out, and the process is difficult. Avoid this stress and call upon CT Medicaid Specialists. Our staff provides Medicaid application assistance in Connecticut. If you have a loved one who is in need of long-term care, you may be called upon to begin the Medicaid application

Many of our clients have questions about Connecticut Medicaid, Medicare Benefits, and coverage they can receive for nursing care and long term services and supports.  Medicare is a government program for people over the age of 65 or disabled. Benefit coverage is limited under Medicare. Medicaid is the state and federal program for people that have limited assets and seek financial assistance to pay for long-term care and a skilled nursing fac

Connecticut Medicaid Benefits

We are CT Medicaid Specialists, and we help people who have questions about medicaid eligibility in Connecticut. Medicaid, or Connecticut Title 19 may be a real option for you or a loved one struggling with a debilitating health condition. Millions of American children, adults, and seniors suffer from chronic illness and disability. Long-term care services are an important component in the rehabilitation process. Many seniors are surprised t

Locally owned and operated, CT Medicaid Specialists, LLC works with you in the complex and confusing application for Medicaid benefits. When faced with the need for skilled nursing care or custodial care for a loved one, many people assume Medicare benefits will cover their expenses. Medicaid and Medicare are both federal health insurance programs that may help pay for nursing home care, but they do not provide the same coverage. Medicare covers skilled care services that are n

Medicare, Medicaid and Nursing Care

There are two distinct types of nursing care solutions available for seniors today: Skilled Nursing Care and Nursing Home Care. With skilled nursing care, Medicare certifies that nursing facilities meet certain qualifications and must have the staff necessary to provide patients with the care they need. Many times, this includes more intensive nursing care or help with different types of rehab as well as oth