Long Term Services and Supports

When you need help applying for CT Title 19 LTSS, call CT Medicaid Specialists. You may qualify to receive Long Term Care when you are dealing with a debilitating health condition. Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) are an important component of rehabilitation services. These services include daily personal care, eating, bathing, dressing, taking medicines on schedule, and assisting with mobility issues.

CT Medicaid Specialists are here to help you qualify and apply for CT Medicaid benefits. When you are faced with long term care in Connecticut, you may be surprised to learn how expensive it can be. The costs for Home Health Care, Adult Day Care, an Assisted Living Facility, and Nursing Home Care can wipe out your family's resources in less than one year.

Medicaid pays for medical care for people who do not have enough money to pay their medical bills. Nursing home care is only one type of care paid by Medicaid. If you qualify, Medicaid will pay for your nursing home care and most of your costs while you are in a nursing home, including

  • doctor visits;
  • medicine;
  • hospital care;
  • your room (shared);
  • meals;
  • tests and treatments;  and
  • equipment your doctor says you need.

Our staff focuses on helping families prepare documents and apply for Medicaid benefits. We offer assistance to our clients as we navigate Medicaid’s labyrinth of regulations and rules. From the initial consultation through the final approval, CT Medicaid Services is there every step of the way. We assist in completing Connecticut Medicaid forms, gathering documentation, assisting in the spend down procedures, and following up with your caseworker at the Department of Social Services. Call us today (860)-490-6772.

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