Medicaid Application Assistance

Couples who must make the difficult decision to apply for CT Title 19 are often overwhelmed with paperwork and regulations. When dementia makes it necessary to select a nursing home for your beloved spouse, you will be shocked at the expense. It may take months to wade through the piles of paperwork to qualify you for Medicaid. What is the first thing you need to know? CT Medicaid Specialists suggests you call our office for application assistance.

CT Medicaid Specialists will take you through the lengthy and difficult process of applying for Medicaid. CT Medicaid Specialists will eliminate the mountains of paperwork on the dining room table, the anxiety, and confusion. The paperwork and preparation for Medicaid benefits is tedious, confusing and complex. Eligibility requirements for Medicaid in the state of Connecticut are stringent, especially when it comes to assets and income.  CT Medicaid Specialists are intimately familiar with the Connecticut Medicaid application process. We provide expert guidance every step of the way. Our counselors will assist you in collecting 60 months of financial statements, determine the extent of your assets, determine expenses that can be deducted during the spend down, and more.

Our experience and knowledge makes the task easy and efficient for families, health care facilities, and attorneys alike. Medicaid pays for medical care for people who do not have enough money to pay their medical bills. Nursing home care is only one type of care paid by Medicaid. So get help applying for CT Title 19 and call CT Medicaid Specialists. Our staff can advise on current Medicaid requirements and restrictions and make the difficult process as easy as possible. Call 860-490-6772 today.

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