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Long-Term Care in CT

Are you looking for more information on long-term care in CT? Check out CT Medicaid Specialists for assistance. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but chances are you, or someone in your family may end up needing long-term care down the line and Medicaid can help. However, first things first, you need to apply and be approved. The Medicaid application process can be difficult to navigate. CT Medicaid specialists are near to help you with the application process, getting approved, and understanding your benefits. The honest truth is that just hoping you stay healthy is not enough to ensure your actual well-being. Also, failing to plan for your future could potentially result in the loss of your home and other valuable assets. An alarming 29% of seniors in Connecticut, live alone. Medicaid can assist with the cost of long-term care.

What is Long-Term Care?

Essentially, long-term care is for people who have chronic illnesses, disabilities, etc. Long-term care ranges from needing medical care, to day-to-day help with caring for your home, cooking, or even getting dressed. It is important to note that long-term care can occur in your home, or a nursing home, depending on the level of care you require.

Why Don’t People Talk About It?

Our team at CT Medicaid Specialists has helped thousands of people plan for retirement and long-term care, and we've heard many fears and concerns. The most common reasons are:

  • People are afraid they will have to leave their homes.
  • Aging and health can be unpredictable and overwhelming.
  • People have witnessed negative experiences in long-term care facilities.

Indeed, remember that using these fears to avoid the conversation about long-term care won’t actually eliminate the need to have it. In fact, not talking about long-term care can cause more harm than good. In addition to this, you could be faced with an expected situation and there will be no plan in place.

Can Planning Actually Help?

Furthermore, choosing to prepare today may stop you from losing your home, savings, and more to long-term care costs down the line. It's a very real possibility that when the time comes, you won't have anything left to leave to your family. In addition, it can help:

  • The peace of mind of knowing you’ll be cared for.
  • Give your family a sense of security regarding your needs.
  • Ensure that what you want to leave your family is still in your possession.

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Long-Term Care in CT