If you live in Connecticut and need help applying for CT Long-Term Care assistance, contact the dedicated professionals at CT Medicaid Specialists. If you or a loved one is seeking affordable, long-term care, do not let what you do not know preclude you from getting the benefits you need and deserve. We deal every day with people who are shocked at the financial burden caused by custodial and skilled nursing care.

At CT Medicaid Specialists, our professionals are intimately knowledgeable with the Medicaid process. Did you know that Medicaid is a joint state and federal program? The purpose is to help seniors who are in need of assistance with long-term care. Even if you are disabled by a chronic condition, you still need to meet income and other eligibility requirements for Medicaid assistance. Let our caring experts help you to acquire the benefits that you deserve.

What encompasses long-term care services? Any everyday task that has to do with activities of daily living is considered a long-term care service. These services are not covered by health insurance or Medicare. If you are in the middle class, you may believe that Medicare or your existing health insurance will pay for custodial care. This is not true. Where the poor are easily able to qualify for financial assistance and the wealthy can purchase long-term care insurance, you may find that you have less options than you originally thought.

With CT Medicaid Specialists, you will receive the knowledge and guidance you need to successfully navigate the Medicaid application process. Eligibility requirements in the state of Connecticut are very stringent, especially with regards to a person’s assets and income. While it is true that applying for Medicaid is an arduous task, the experience of CT Medicaid Specialists makes the whole process easier and more efficient for families, health care facilities, and attorneys.

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CT Medicaid Specialists makes the process of applying for Medicaid simple and gives clients peace of mind knowing that they have filed their applications correctly. Our dedicated staff works with and advises you on relevant and ever-evolving Medicaid requirements and restrictions. We work directly with clients and their families to ensure that the process is done right and in a timely manner. Call 860-490-6772 today.


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