Long Term Services and Supports

You may qualify for CT Title XIX for Long Term Care when you are dealing with a debilitating health condition. Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS), are an important component of rehabilitation services.  These services include daily personal care, eating, bathing, dressing, taking medicines on schedule, and assisting with mobility issues. We are CT Medicaid Specialists, and we are here to help you quali

Are you are prepared for long-term care in CT? With planning and guidance, there are ways to prepare for the enormous costs of nursing home care. By the time a health crisis or accident occurs, it may be too late to protect your assets. What you don't know may keep you or your loved one from getting long term services and supports.  At CT Medicaid Specialists, we meet many people who are not prepared for the financial burden associated with custodial and skilled nursing care. Nursing home ca

Medicaid Application Assistance

When you need CT Medicaid for long-term care, the application process is overwhelming.  You can anticipate mountains of paperwork to fill out, and the process is difficult. Avoid this stress and call upon CT Medicaid Specialists. Our staff provides Medicaid application assistance in Connecticut. If you have a loved one who is in need of long-term care, you may be called upon to begin the Medicaid application

Long Term Care - Services and Supports

Long Term Care is now referred to as Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS). When you are faced with the long term care of a loved one in Connecticut, you may be surprised to learn how expensive it can be. The costs for Home Health Care, Adult Day Care, an Assisted Living Facility, and Nursing Home Care can wipe out your family's resources in less than one year. We are CT Medicaid Specialists, and we ar

Medicaid Application Assistance

As your local CT Medicaid Specialists, turn to us for questions you have about long term care and Medicaid. We provide Medicaid application assistance in Connecticut. The cost of custodial care shockingly high. A stay at a skilled nursing facility may cost $11,000 per month! Unless you have purchased Long-Term Care Insurance, you may find the cost of care prohibitive.  Families who do not have the means to pa